We are a full-service junk and rubbish Removal Company.



Junk & Rubbish Removal Company in NYC, New York


At I-HAUL-JUNK Inc we price according to volume, not by the amount of time it takes our guys to do the removal, labor is all inclusive. Scroll over the truckload volumes to get an idea of typical junk sizes and estimated removal prices.

Schedule a no-obligation appointment and our team will give you a free on-site estimate. The price will be confirmed with you before we begin your removal.

Regular Pricing Truck


Heavy/Dense Material Pricing


Heavy/Dense materials Include: concrete, soil, sand, plaster, cement, dry wall, gravel etc.

Due to weight and safety regulations we can only load our truck 1ft. deep with dense and heavy materials. Below are the rates for heavy/Dense materials


5 gallon buckets of compound, stucco, adhesive powder $10/each
Boxes for small donatable items $10
Cinder block $10.00/each
Concrete (bags) $10.00/each
Contractor bags $1.00/each
Furnace/Water Heaters $150 – $350
Hot Tubs $300 – $600
Mattress $45/each
Paint Cans $10.00/each
Piano $250 – $500
Pool Table $250 – $600
Projection TV $50.00
Propane Tanks $5.00
Riding Mowers $50.00
Safe $300 – $500
Sheet rock (large) $10.00/each bag
Sheet rock (small) $5.00/each bag
Tires $5.00/each
Tires w/ Rims $5.00/each

Large Items that have to be disassembled such as bed frames, sofas, wall-units etc. that cannot fit through doorway, into elevators, down steps or on our truck are subject to an additional $50-200 surcharge. Fees are based on size of item and difficulty of disassembling.

Due to the considerable effort it takes to move items up and down stairs without elevators, we have a $25 fee per flight of stairs.

Cancellation policy: Please note that appointments must be cancelled at least 4 hours prior to scheduled pick-up time for same day booking, and 24 hours in advance for all other appointments. All late cancellations will be subject to a Non-Refund of initial $39.99 deposit.

Holiday/After-hour appointments: Appointments scheduled on Holidays or after business hours are subject to a 20% rate increase.